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Visit Feline Veterinary Medical Center for all of your cat’s healthcare requirements including wellness exams and dental care.

Why Choose Cat-Only Care?

Our extensive experience with felines allows us to discover and diagnose health problems quickly and accurately.

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We are eager to meet you and your cat! Our most important goal is helping cats lead a long, happy, and healthy life.

Our Mission & Values

We Value Relationships

To serve our clients and patients in a professional and kind manner; to let our clients know they are valued and to develop long-term relationships with our clients and their pets.

Care Through All Life Stages

To provide excellent care to our patients throughout all stages of their lives; to foster long term relationships between clients, patients, and doctors; to promote wellbeing and preventative care; and to provide a professional, courteous atmosphere for our clients.

Strengthening Bonds

To strive to promote the human-animal bond by improving and comfortably prolonging the lives of the animals we care for, while serving and educating our clients to make each visit enjoyable, educational, and beneficial to both you and your pets.

Unsurpassed Service

To strengthen the bond between humans and their pets by providing unsurpassed veterinary service in a caring environment.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing

To promote health and wellbeing in our patients, alleviate illness, pain, and suffering, and to support pet owners and our community.

Quality Care

To provide our patients, clients, and community with the highest quality veterinary medical treatment, friendly and caring service, and personalized care.

Leading the future of
veterinary medicine

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I had a GREAT experience with these guys! I called with a health concern about my cat and they where able to see me the same day at a very affordable price. The staff is very polite, educated and passionate about their practice. As a dog owner aswell, I appreciate that they specialize in Felines. Specialization equates to knowledge, leaving me feeling confident that my cat is in the very best hands. I will be using these guys for my kitty indefinitely!

Adam Collarile

I took my cat there and they were very thorough,understanding and diagnosed a problem, my previous vet was not able to. I highly recommend them!

Nancy Bamberger Chinchar

The Feline Veterinary Medical Center is the best thing to happen to people who love their feline family members!!!! We have been waiting for something like this to happen for years!!! It just makes sense! Why would I bring my little cat to a veterinarian who also cares for dogs and other pets if I don't have to? The environment at Feline Veterinary Medical Center is so much more relaxing for my cat and I could not be more impressed with Dr. Lyn and his staff. Danny is amazing and Alex is so great with cats. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a cat. It is a caring and nurturing environment and it will provide an amazing experience for your cat. Love, love, love it and I won't go anywhere else. Thank you for doing this for cats and we're so grateful!!!

Helene Gareri Piscopo

Dr. Lyn and his staff are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They took care of Ginny jingles wonderfully and made my aunt very comfortable. Thanks!

Patricia Hager

Most pleasant experience for both my cat and myself.

Doctor Lyn and his staff are true "cat wisperers" my cat was totally calm and cooperative with Dr.

Dr. Lyn and his staff's demeanor with my cat was lovely, reassuring & informative.

No insult intended to dogs or their owners however my cat was totally calm without dogs in the waiting room.


Karen Jones

These guys are wonderful.  I'm out of work but taking care of some stray cats in my back yard.  I noticed that one was in trouble because he wasn't using one of his front legs.  I'm allergic so I didn't know what to do.  I called their office and they helped me with everything.  They even followed up with a phone call after my visit.  Very pleasant team and they answered all my dumb questions since I don't know much about cats.   I would recommend this practice to anyone and have done so.

Peggy B.

Highly recommend Dr. Lyn! He is very kind, compassionate and thorough. He really loves cats!

Beth Achille Mecher

Dr. Lyn is compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!

Desiree Lutgens

High quality professionals, friendly, and very responsible, very good place ,im sure you and your cat will be very happy.

Lindomar Moreira

Wonderful staff, Clean & Bright. big parking lot.

Robyn Breglia

Dr. Jason Lyn is the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian. My cat Buddy has been a patient of Dr. Lyn’s for the past 5 years and Dr Lyn Keeps Buddy in good health and treats him as if he were his own

Buddy and I are very happy we found Dr. Lyn at the Feline Veterinary in Ardsley NY.

You will be very happy if u make Dr Lyn ur new Veterinarian

Louise Bucci Guastella

Staff was amazing and saved our kitty Stinky from a horrible fate. Our family is forever grateful!

Anthony Brockington

I would highly recommend Dr. Lyn’s veterinary medical center. Wonderful experience, warm inviting atmosphere, calming for our cats. Dr. Lyn is very attentive and caring. The staff is very professional and friendly.

Ramona Lewis

Awesome experience!!! A MUST for all cat parents!!!!!!
Thanks for the great service !!!!

Jay Ramirez

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